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Team Now.Here.

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Our Mission

To help people be happy, flourish and contribute to a better world.


Our mission is to help people be happy, flourish and contribute to a better world.  

To achieve this, we resource a community of experts with established practices to help you - parents, teachers, children, youth, students, leaders, managers, and team members to develop the key life skills of mindfulness, compassion and emotional intelligence. Then we help you reinforce these skills by transferring them to others for positive social impact. 


Our Values


At Now.Here.  

Happiness is our priority.

We appreciate lightness, authenticity and fun

We believe in being mindfully aware, moment by moment

We treat one another with compassion, kindness, respect and dignity

Actions speak louder than words - We believe small concrete actions are better than mere intentions

We deliver genuine value to our stakeholders

Our approach is secular and firmly supported by science

Our Team

Our Team

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Randolph Oudemans
Founder & CEO

After 25+ years as an international business leader and humanitarian, Randolph founded Now.Here. to help people develop their innate capacities of mindfulness, compassion and happiness, and empowers them to develop an authentic and truly human engagement with themselves and others.


Faith Lau
Marketing & Programmes

Empowering and inspiring the human spirit to live the best version of ourselves is what Faith lives by. She strongly believes in living an authentic self and the concept of paying it forward because happiness comes from within and success comes from what we do for others.

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Sylvia Lau

Sylvia is passionate about helping youths develop their inner strength, discover their authentic selves and enabling them to shine in their own unique ways. She cares about inequality and is also an advocate for environmental conservation and food waste.

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Rao Haiting

Haiting believes strongly in self-compassion, self-love and the power to change the lives of other people when one becomes mindfully aware of one’s inner happiness. She lives by the vision of being true to ourselves and giving back to others in order to achieve happiness and success.


Lorraine M. Hobbs
Youth, Family & Caregiver Programmes

Lorraine is a certified MBSR teacher and mentor.  She is also certified in Mindful Self-Compassion and Compassion Cultivation, Stanford University.  During her tenure as Director of the Youth and Family Programs at UCSD Center for Mindfulness, she created multiple programs for parents and teens such as Making Friends with Yourself as well as Mindful Self-Compassion for Parents. Lorraine trains professionals in mindfulness-based interventions around the globe. 


Dr. Wayne Serebrin
School & Educator Programmes

Wayne is an award-winning educator with 28 years of teacher education experience. As a compassionate teacher of children, adolescents, and teachers throughout his life, Wayne’s current expertise lies in cultivating mindfulness, self-compassion, compassion, social-emotional learning, and non-violent communication.