What is Compassionate Communication?

Compassionate Communication, also known as Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a language of partnership which invites us to expand our perception so that we see ways to bring connection amidst conflict (e.g.: when we are in disagreement with our kids, spouse or colleagues). It is an approach to compassionate living developed by Marshall Rosenberg beginning in the 1960s. At the core of this expanded perception is the skill to focus our attention on the underlying human needs that are seeking to be nurtured in any moment, both within ourselves and within the people around us.

From the bedroom to the boardroom, from the school to the war zone, compassionate communication provides easy to grasp, effective communication skills to get to the root of the conflict, pain, and violence peacefully. By examining the unmet needs behind what we do or say, compassionate communication helps reduce hostility, heal pain and strengthen professional and personal relationships.

Formal compassionate communication includes the following four components:

  1. Observations (distinguished from interpretations/evaluations)

  2. Feelings (emotions separate from thoughts)

  3. Needs (deep motives)

  4. Requests (clear, present, doable and without demand)

Simple as it seems, the process requires us to be able to be in the present, observe without judgement and be aware of, not just our, but also the feelings and unmet needs of the other person. It is like mindfulness of the cushion!

Benefits of Compassionate Communication


Can Compassionate Communication Be Learnt?

Yes! The skills of compassionate communication can be learnt in a fun and interactive way. They can be applied right away and developed through diligent practice over a period of time. With proper guidance and training from certified trainers and field experts, you can expect to enjoy the benefits of compassionate communication as they manifest in your life.

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