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Living Compassion in Schools: 3-Day Interactive Institute

As educators, we are called to compassion; it represents an expression of our “best selves”, and is foundational to the well-being and flourishing of our educational communities. While our educational work is rewarding, fulfilling and life-enriching, our day-to-day lives in classrooms and schools are also unpredictable, difficult, and can be overwhelming.

Living Compassion in Schools is the first in a series of collaboratively developed institutes for educators in Singapore and regional schools. This 3-Day interactive institute is designed to offer EDUCATORS a refuge (a safe harbour) in which to personally develop contemplative practices that are augmented by contemporary psychology and scientific research to:

  • Improve our capacities for awareness, focus, calm, self-care, gratitude and happiness

  • Foster our inner strength and courage to be with suffering (stress, anxiety, disappointments, frustration, anger, sadness, guilt and grief)

  • Engender kindness, widen our circles of connection, bolster our relationships and transform the ways in which we encounter and treat others

It also offers SCHOOL COMMUNITIES (young people, staff, teachers) an inspired, interactive and collaborative space to:

  • Educate about and for compassion

  • Develop social-emotional competencies and communication strategies that bring about more effective responses to stress, emotion regulation, mediation of conflict (bullying), healthy relationships, and pro-social behaviours

  • Cultivate compassion through explicit teaching tied to curriculum and in response to urgent current issues; as well as implicit “caught” processes involving student-teacher and teacher-teacher relationships, as well as teacher/family/community partnerships


Dr. Wayne Serebrin

Main Facilitator

Wayne is an award-winning educator with 28 years of teacher education experience. His expertise lies in cultivating mindfulness, compassion, self-compassion, social-emotional learning and non-violent communication for teachers, adolescents and children in schools.

Randolph Oudemans

Main Facilitator

Randolph, founder and CEO of Now.Here., is an experienced humanitarian. Drawing upon his experiences in fostering civic engagement and social responsibility in families, schools and corporations, he continues to help others to take positive and concrete steps towards sustained positive impact.


Day 1 - Compassion in Education: Beginning with Ourselves
Key themes:

  • What is Compassion? Why is it important in Education?

  • Cultivating Compassion Training (Practices & Exercises)

  • Empathy, Compassion & Emotional Resilience

Day 2 - Social-Emotional Learning: Language of Feelings & Needs
Key themes:

  • Social-Emotional Learning Framework

  • Emotional Literacy & Compassionate Communication - Feelings & Needs (Principles, Practices & Exercises)

  • Making Connections, Mediating Conflicts & Developing Classroom/School Relationships

Day 3 - Living Compassion through Curricular Engagements
Key themes:

  • Educating the Heart & Mind: Values, Ethics & Academics

  • Engaging in Integrated Curriculum Based on a Model of Sustainable Compassion

  • Creating a Vision, Action Plans & Support Networks

Cost: S$2400
Early bird discount: S$1800 (valid till 1 May 2019, 2359 hr)

Group Registration and Discounts
Attending in groups helps create a successful learning experience; and when multiple educators in a school embody and intentionally teach about compassion. This has the potential to transform the school-wide culture.

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