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Guest Speakers' Talks


Our team is ever passionate and stands ready to share their insights on Mindfulness and how it relates to your everyday life. Our talks are highly curated to tackle specific areas of concern and they are segmented as follows to cater to your unique audience:

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  • Managing Stress in the Family

  • Neuroscience & The Teenagers' Brains

  • Mindful Pre/Post Natal Care

  • The Gift of Imperfect Parenting

  • Mindful & Compassionate Parenting

  • Mindful Communication & Deep Listening

  • Managing Technology - Digital Detox

  • Transitions - Living Intentionally & Living Well

Children & Youth

  • Managing Stress (at Home, School & Life)

  • Cultivating the Mind of the Samurai

  • Self-Regulation & Self-Motivation

  • Making Friends with Yourself

  • Managing Peer-Pressure & Boredom

  • It's Cool to be Calm

  • Managing Technology - Digital Detox

  • Social Media & The Real "Me"

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  • Mindfulness in Schools

  • Mindfulness Essentials for Teachers

  • Essentials for Teaching Mindfulness to Students

  • Mindful Classrooms

  • Mindful Schools

  • Mindfulness - The Cornerstone of Emotional Intelligence

  • Diversity


  • Managing Stress (Especially Exam Stress)

  • Self-Regulation & Self-Motivation

  • Improving Attention & Results at School

  • Ways of Seeing

  • Coming to Your Senses

  • Social Media & the Real "Me"

  • Managing Technology - “Digital Detox”

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  • Establishing Work-Life Balance

  • Introduction to Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness - The Cornerstone of Emotional Intelligence

  • Managing Stress at Work (And Home)

  • Mindful Leadership

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  • Be Present. Be Authentic. Be Now.Here. (Introduction to Mindfulness)

  • Mindfulness 2 - Deepening your practices

  • Mindfulness & Self-Compassion - Coming to Your Senses

  • Mindful Communication & Deep Listening

  • Improve Your Dating

  • Advertising, Desire & Consuming

  • Manly Mindfulness

  • Positive Social Impact - It Starts with You