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Living Compassion in Schools

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Living Compassion in Schools

In our current education system, stress levels among teachers and students frequently surpass that of a healthy range. Yet when trained in mindfulness, students show improved focus, emotional regulation, compassion and better engagement. Teachers also demonstrate higher job satisfaction, better connection with students, and greater ease of delivering curriculum.

Living Compassion in Schools is a series of collaboratively developed institutes for educators in Singapore and region schools. The institute  supports educators’ cultivation of compassion through experiential, contemplative training and interactive dialogue; practising the art of  compassionate communication, and engagement in relevant social-emotional learning practices and integrated curriculum.

Upcoming in the series:

12 February 2019: The Stress Solution - an Informal Discussion on Managing Stress through Self-Compassion and Mindfulness

19-21 June 2019: Living Compassion in Schools: 3-Day Interactive Institute

Coming Soon in 2019
Half-Day Workshop: Cultivating Compassion - Healing Empathy Fatigue