Mindful Self-Compassion in Classrooms

We teach and help to integrate mindfulness and self-compassion into your classrooms using research-backed curriculums. The curriculums – used by educators, non-teaching staff, mental health professionals and social workers across 100 countries – are adaptable for classrooms, after-school programs and holiday programs. It uses developmentally appropriate language for explaining key mindfulness and self-compassion concepts and practices to both the students and adults in the classroom.


For Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff


Living Compassion in Schools INstitute

This is a collaborative institute that brings compassion-based contemplative training, non-violent communication methods,  social-emotional learning and integrated curriculum to educators and children in schools. The workshop is intended to begin a long-term dialogue in support of a sustainable community of educational leaders.



Making Friends with Yourself: 2-Day Core Skills Training

Course Description:
Teens and young adults face enormous stresses and challenges in their day-to-day lives. Crucial to this period of their lives, are the support from the adults around them. Making Friends With Yourself (MFY) 2-Day Core Skills Training aims to better equip participants to support the teens in coping more effectively with these ongoing challenges through the cultivation of self-compassion skills.

Suitable For:
Educators, parents, counsellors, caregivers who work/live with teens

For Students

Making Friends with Yourself

Course Description:
From peer pressure, self-esteem, social-media, negative moods, academic and parental demands, relationships and dating to preparing for your future - All these and more whirl combine to make teenage life difficult to navigate and enjoy. Making Friends With Yourself (MFY) is an empirically-supported mindful self-compassion course designed to cultivate the skill of self-compassion in teens to help them cope more effectively with these ongoing challenges.

Suitable For: Age 13 to 20


A Friend in Me: Adventures in Kindness, Empathy and Awareness

Course Description:
Research demonstrates that kindness and self-compassion can teach resilience and emotional regulation in kids who are challenged by stressful conditions in life. A Friend in Me is an 8-week program that teaches the skills of kindness and empathy for others which will consequently foster an attitude of kindness and compassion for oneself.

Suitable For: Age 8 to 11

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Kindness Curriculum for Preschoolers

Course Description:
The Kindness curriculum includes 24 modules of simple mindfulness and kindness practices for preschoolers. These modules are delivered through simple exercises, fun and games to help the children learn and practice kindness on a daily basis.

Suitable For: Age 3 to 6


Mindfulness Curriculum for Young Children

Course Description:
The Mindfulness curriculum includes 30 modules of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and kindness practices for young children. These modules are delivered through simple exercises, fun and games to help the children learn and practice mindfulness on a daily basis.

Suitable For: Age 7 to 12

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Mindfulness Curriculum for Adolescents

Course Description:
Adolescents spend a lot of time developing their intelligence in school, and strengthening their bodies through sports or exercise. But they give their mind very little attention. Mindfulness helps adolescents to develop and strengthen the mind, increasing the ability to focus, recognize and manage emotions, make better decisions, and empathize in relationships.

Suitable For: Age 13 to 17