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Schools Overview

In our current education system, stress levels among teachers and students frequently surpass that of a healthy range. Yet when trained in mindfulness, students show improved focus, emotional regulation, compassion and better engagement. Teachers also demonstrate higher job satisfaction, better connection with students, and greater ease of delivering curriculum.

Our school programs seek to bring the benefits of Mindfulness to your school, allowing your teachers and students to flourish. Enquire more today to customise the programs to suit your school communities’ needs.


For Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff


Living Compassion in Schools

This is a collaborative institute that brings compassion-based contemplative training, non-violent communication methods,  social-emotional learning and integrated curriculum to educators and children in schools. The workshop is intended to begin a long-term dialogue in support of a sustainable community of educational leaders.



Making Friends with Yourself: 2-Day Core Skills Training

Teens and young adults face enormous stresses and challenges in their day-to-day lives. Crucial to this period of their lives, are the support from the adults around them. Hence, to better equip you (e.g.: educators, parents, counsellors, caregivers) to support the teens in coping more effectively with these ongoing challenges through the cultivation of self-compassion skills, we are offering an empirically-supported program, Making Friends With Yourself (MFY) 2-Day Core Skills Training.


For Students

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Making Friends with Yourself: Mindful Compassionate Course for Teens and Young Adults

Teens and young adults face enormous stresses and challenges in their day-to-day-lives. From peer pressure, self-esteem, social-media, negative moods, academic and parental demands, relationships and dating to preparing for your future - All these and more whirl combine to make this period of life difficult to navigate and enjoy.

To support teens in coping more effectively with these ongoing challenges, we are offering Making Friends With Yourself (MFY), an empirically-supported program designed to cultivate the skill of self-compassion in teens.

This course is targeted at youth aged 13 to 20.


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A Friend in Me: Adventures in Kindness, Empathy and Awareness

A Friend in Me is a program designed to provide teachers with a curriculum to use in the classroom or for clinicians to integrate as a tool in psychotherapy practice. This 8-week program offers kids 8-11 an opportunity to begin cultivating skills in kindness and empathy for others that will foster an attitude of kindness and compassion for oneself. Research demonstrates that kindness and self-compassion can teach resilience and emotional regulation in kids who are challenged by stressful conditions in life.

The more children practice self-care by caring for others, they are able to activate their soothing, affiliative care-giving system, which allows them to respond more positively to life circumstances.