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Families today are confronted by innumerable and complex challenges. Through our families' programs, we aim to help you develop the art of being fully present with your family members, with greater kindness, consideration and compassion.
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Our current education system is witnessing an unhealthy stress level among teachers and students. Through our school programs, we aim to bring the benefits of Mindfulness to help teachers and students flourish in schools.  
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The corporate world is shrouded with many challenges such as the lack of work-life balance and resilience. Our corporate programs offer effective ways of implementing Mindfulness to help you achieve better results and become happier professionals.
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Through our general programs, we seek to help you understand and accept yourself with compassion. With that first step, you can start to do the same for others and begin to notice the benefits of Mindfulness actualise in your life.  
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Our Positive Social Impact (PSI) program is uniquely designed based on your needs, through a 4 steps process, to allow you to experience the transformative power of service while helping yourself.


Our team is ever passionate and ready to share their insights on Mindfulness and its related topics. Click here to view the list of talks we provide.


We organise off-site retreats in beautiful and peaceful environments to provide greater support and focus for your deeper level of mindful practices


Are you finding it tough to work around your schedule to learn and practice Mindfulness? Fret not, let us bring our one-on-one Mindfulness-based mentoring sessions to you.


Private small group sessions are conducted in a more intimate and familiar setting such as at home or in your office, and they can be tailored to meet your time constraints. An ideal group size would be 2 to 5 pax.